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CAPITOL LIMITED is fiction, but it’s based on a true story…..Long before they ran against each other for the presidency in 1960–a campaign famous for debates–John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon faced off in a small town in Pennsylvania’s steel country. The two freshmen congressmen journeyed to McKeesport, Pennsylvania, in April 1947, to debate the merits of the brand new Taft-Hartley labor law. But their minds were clearly on bigger things.

As fate would have it, Kennedy and Nixon found themselves sharing a Pullman compartment on a famous train called The Capitol Limited, the pride of the B&O line, for an overnight trip back to Washington. They stayed awake all night talking about their lives, hopes, and visions for a better world. In CAPITOL LIMITED, bestselling author David R. Stokes imagines how the conversation might have unfolded on that long-ago night. Based on extensive research, and complete with a lengthy and unusual-for-a-novel bibliography, CAPITOL LIMITED gives readers the chance to eavesdrop as two men who would one day sit in the Oval Office have an animated conversation about history, world leaders, and the brewing geopolitical issues they would one day face as leaders of the free world.

It was the dawn of the Cold War, and these two former Naval officers were developing a vision for the world, one that would be “tempered by a hard and bitter peace.” Bernard Baruch had just days before introduced the term “Cold War” into the vocabulary. And years later, the political torch would be passed to John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, who represented “a new generation of Americans.” They would become America’s premier Cold Warriors.  — ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY — CLICK HERE.


In NOVEMBER SURPRISE: A Political Thriller  the daring and deadly midday abduction of a former President of the United States triggers a national and international crisis. But he’s only one of the Presidents involved in the story.

NOVEMBER SURPRISE is really the story of three Presidents–the one taken, the one in the White House, and the one who was elected just a few days earlier. Not only the first female to be elected to the nation’s highest office, she’s the only daughter of the former President who’s been kidnapped and is feared dead. And though she’s not yet taken the oath of office, it’s clear that she’s the key player in the dramatic story that unfolds.

Her confidence in the outgoing administration is less than strong, and she turns to one of her best friends for help. TEMPLETON DAVIS (Camelot’s Cousin), nationally known radio talk-show host, media personality, and best-selling author, is recruited by the President-elect to help with the investigation. Davis, whose recent work (chronicled in Camelot’s Cousin) helped solve the mysteries surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy decades earlier, has brought together a talented team of security and intelligence experts. Called The Project, this off-the-record and under-the-radar band of operatives turn out to be much more effective than “official” counterparts. But will they be able to solve the crime of the century? To order CLICK HERE.


CAMELOT’S COUSIN: The Spy Who Betrayed Kennedy — more than 200 AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS, averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars — has reached #8 spot in AMAZON category, “POLITICAL THRILLERS” — to order your copy, CLICK HERE.

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THE SHOOTING SALVATIONIST: J. Frank Norris and the Murder Trial that Captivated America (Steerforth Press/Random House, July 2011), is a narrative non-fiction, true crime thriller set in the 1920s. BOOKLIST, in a starred review, says: “The book is engagingly written, in an immediate, you-are-there style, and the story is as compelling and surprising as any Grisham thriller. Top of the line.”




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